Friday, July 17, 2009

May News

The following information is the family newsletter for
the Allen Family. This newsletter is based on actual
historical events.
Last month seemed really busy for us. I suppose part
of that has to do with the fact that we had a lot of things
to do. The other part of it is probably that the days are
now shorter due to the upcoming apocalypse.
Kalynn completed her spring soccer games. She was
extremely awesome. So much so that at the last game
she received a trophy indicating that she was the
“MVP”. I think her MVP status was cemented when
she learned how to slide tackle. Slide tackling is
generally not allowed at her level of soccer – but they
made an exception for Kalynn because she was so
good at it. She could literally take-out two or three
players on the opposing team when she would slide in
for the ball – not to mention a couple of player’s on her
own team.
Peter finished up his preschool classes during the
month. I think the reason he finished is that Kara and
Wendy decided they were tired of doing preschool. I
would therefore call his first year of preschool a
Our other daughter, Elyse (she’s the short one), is
learning how to communicate. In fact she has
developed an extensive vocabulary and the two of us
enjoy taking long walks around our circle and
discussing deep philosophical issues. She is also in a
very inquisitive stage of her life. She spends most of
her time trying to figure out what is in each of the
cupboards, cabinets, dressers, etc. in our house.
Luckily she has figured out how to open everything and
she loves to take everything out and examine the
Our family did a lot of fun stuff this month. Some of the
highlights were going to Kyle’s concert (they had
cookies), attending Brian’s band banquet
(cheesecake), celebrating Adalyn’s birthday (cake),
helping with Brian’s Eagle-project dinner (brownies,
cake, ice-cream). Kara and I also helped out with the
new Oquirrh Mountain Temple open house
(sandwiches and various desserts). I should make a
note that we were not supposed to partake of the
refreshments since we were just the hired help and not
dignitaries – however, I convinced Kara that we should
do it anyway. On a related note – we both have
disciplinary hearings next week. We also spent some
time up at a Cabin near Heber City (I ate a huge bag of
peanut M&Ms I found up there which Kara said had
gone rancid).
We also celebrated my 30th birthday this past month.
I’m sure to some of you that sounds really, really old. It
sure sounds old to me. I was even reminded of how
old I was on my birthday because I sprained my ankle
playing soccer and couldn’t walk for a week. Although,
I’m also sure there’s many of you that think that 30
sounds really young and that’s just sad.
Well – we hope you all are doing well and we hope to
see you all at the next Southwick Reunion which will be
held in our backyard sometime this month. (More
details to follow next month.)

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