Friday, July 17, 2009

June News

June started out with Elyse having a small surgery.
She has had a clogged tear duct ever since she was
born. Often they clear up on their own, but it didn't.
We tried eye drops and took her to an eye doctor who
tried to clear out her tear duct with a probe. They had
to strap her to a papoose looking thing which she did
not like very well. Unfortunately, that didn't clear it up
either, so we took her to Primary Children's where they
probed her tear duct under general anesthesia. They
also placed a stunt in her tear duct which will remain
there for a few more weeks. Hopefully, after that is
removed, the tear duct will remain unclogged and we
won't have any more problems.
On June 8, our family was able to tour the Oquirrh
Mountain Temple. Since this temple is in our district,
Brian and I have also had the opportunity to volunteer
a few times during June. It has been a great
experience. It has been so neat to take our kids to two
different temples in the same year.
Brian and I were also able to help out with an awards
banquet that his work puts on. It's a pretty high end
affair, called the Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the
Year Award and applicants come from all over Utah
and Idaho. It was fun to be there and dress up and eat
really good food.
Emma's blessing was on the 14th, which was
wonderful. It's always difficult to get through special
family events without my mom there, but I'm confident
she was there in spirit. Brian had a family reunion on
the 15th. The kids had swimming lessons, which they
really enjoyed. We took a trip to Tracy Aviary with
Michelle's family. Finally, we celebrated our 8th
anniversary by going to Park City for a night while the
children stayed with Grandma Allen. It was very
relaxing and a needed break and I always enjoy our
trips to the Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory while
we are there.

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