Monday, September 7, 2009

August 2009

The month started off great because on August 1st we had a birthday party for my mom. We wanted to wait until John came home to have it. It coincided with our Harry Potter party. We all went to see Harry Potter and then had a feast. This is something we have done for the past 3 or 4 Harry Potter movies. I think it was mom's idea to begin with, an it's what she would have wanted. Jenny made a beautiful cake with yellow roses. I think I mentioned last month that Brian got called to the young men's presidency and is also Kalynn's soccer coach. So, his plate went from full to fuller. He has enjoyed both things very much. He went on a scout camp the third weekend on August and so far, the Kalynn's team is undefeated. Brian also spent a week in California for his work. Wendy and I taught an enrichment on canning, which went pretty good. We had the Brown reunion, which was really fun. John's homecoming was on the 16th and it was SO good. It was fun to share the day with the Hancock's as they got ready to leave on their mission. Kalynn took a dance/gymnastics over the summer that finished up in August. Right before school started, she got to spend the weekend with her Grandma Allen, which she loved. She started first grade on the 24th and is adjusting okay. She is not happy about not being in the same school as Matthias, but she seems to like her teachers. The French class is already being taught entirely in French and she is coming home learning new words. I spent a day with my cousin Michelle at Thanksgiving point and another day with my cousin Chantel hanging out with her and her twins. Peter's speech is really improving, he almost always formulates words now. He loves to play outside, take off his shoes and leave them somewhere. He (along with Elyse) are really into watching Finding Nemo right now. Elyse is is also learning words at a rapid rate. Unlike Peter, she loves her shoes and is always bringing my piano students their shoes that they have taken off and left at the door. I think that sums up our month. We hope you have all enjoyed the end of your summer vacation and are adjusting to the new school year.

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